Food For Thought: Failing Forward


Failure has been my teacher for a while now. It took me a long time to begin to accept it as the best teacher one could ever wish for.  My first encounter with failure was not pleasing at all; But little by little, I picked up the pieces of my life and closed that chapter.

Did I wait to open a new one? oh no, immediately, without my consent, a new one began to unfold in front of me.  I quickly learned that “ The key to success is massive failure.” Someone said that, everyone’s goal should be to out-fail its competition. Whoever can fail the most, the fastest, and the biggest, wins.

So I failed. I failed a lot,  I failed fast, and also failed big. But guess what?  The increase in volume, speed and size of my failure also increased the volume, speed and size of my success.

Many of the greatest achievers we admire thrive on the F-WORD: FAILURE. They love it! Because they are obsessed with improvement, they can experience growth only through failure.

Failure is satisfying, for it offers the greatest opportunity to tweak, iterate and improve. It is the gateway to the next level.

So dear readers, I encourage you yo start your lifelong love affair with failure today. You will have more thrills, exhilaration and satisfactions; And, oh, you’ll also be rewarded with fantastic success.

Now go F-word yourself to the top!

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